A brief overview of the past 5.5 years in Syria - by Eva Bartlett

Screenshot from video: White Helmets shouting 'Takbir' and celebrating alongside their Al-Nusra terrorist brethren

I realize there are many, many good people who haven't taken a stand against or for Syria, and who are just genuinely confused... and busy supporting their families... and who might tune into, say, Canada's CBC, or like media, to learn what's going on in the world. As when it comes to most foreign issues, our media is sharing a narrative that serves the interests of our governments, not the people of Syria. In other words, they are lying about Syria, and endorsing the lies of others.

For those who want it, a brief overview of the past 5.5 years in Syria (although of course there is far greater historical context to be given, which is imperative reading). In terms of recent events wrongly dubbed the "civil war in Syria" or anything to do with "rebels" in Syria, I share the following simplified overview:

March 2011: Western and Gulf corporate media (and human rights groups with close ties to the US State Dpt and/or George Soros) start reporting of "unarmed protests" being quashed by an "evil dictator'". They produce claim after claim, but never any substantiated evidence.

Meanwhile, what they fail to report is that, in fact, in the early protests throughout Syria, there were well-armed "protesters" who, in Dara'a for one example (the so-called "birthplace" of the so-called "revolution") were gunning down unarmed police and unarmed Syrian soldiers: killing 29 and 52 in the first 2 respective Friday demonstrations...This is based on witness testimony and aside from that ample documentation, including weapons storage rooms at the Omari Mosque in Dara'a.

The early (and subsequent) reports pretend that most Syrians supported these protests (violent and sectarian: "Alawis to the grave, Christians to Beirut" was a common chant heard throughout Syrian cities, thank you Saudi Arabia and Muslim Brotherhood), when in fact many or most Syrians who indeed supported political reforms quickly grew wary of the violence they were seeing in protests around the country, and of how the empty words of protesters did not address real calls for political reforms.

Ignored in these early corporate and Gulf media reports are that the Syrian government, under the leadership of President Assad, did start making reforms (and did so even prior to the March 2011 colour revolution kick-off), and that President Assad himself in mid-2011 stood before an audience at Damascus University calling for national reform, from the people, calling for the people to work together towards Syria's future and to avoid bloodshed.

I'm very aware that Syrians, including those who stand with the Syrian government of President Assad, would say that still more reforms are needed. But at present, this is besides the point (and frankly not the business of non-Syrians): right now, Syrians are most concerned with ending the bloodshed and restoring security and stability, and are working for the future of Syria.

In contrast to the bleating of Western media, lying NGOs and Western talking heads, the war ON Syria was never about human rights, freedom, democracy or even President Assad himself.

It was and continues to be about cutting Syria into pieces, imposing a Western (and Zionist)-friendly puppet government which would cease all Resistance against the most murderous state in the region, Israel, and which would also cease to support Palestine, and would cede Syria's resources (oil, gas...)...among other non-human rights-related issues.

The Syrian people have refused the imposition of a foreign government, the imposition of foreign ideologies (Wahhabism and like extremist ideologies, Imperialism, sectarianism... to name some), and continue to reject Western (and Gulf) intervention.

Every corporate (and even certain "independent") media and Human Rights group which you trust is almost assuredly lying to you on Syria (and related issues):

The BBC, the Guardian, Channel 4, CBC, CNN, NPR, Democracy Now, Real News, Middle East Eye... to name but some of the main news sites (and some of the pro-Palestine sites which lie on Syria).

Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, MSF (Doctors Without Borders), Avaaz, and the Syria-specific ones: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the Syria Campaign, the Aleppo Media Centre, and the so-called White Helmets ... have all either endorsed and propagated lies against Syria, or flat-out lied themselves (inevitably relying on unnamed activists or unverified reports). Most of them also endorse a no-fly-zone in Syria, as per Libya (please look in hindsight at how Western intervention "saved" Libya. Read: destroyed Libya).

The main Western media/human rights groups/State Dpt lies nowadays are a direct response to the progress of the Syrian army and allies in cleansing Aleppo districts of the terrorists who've murdered, maimed, kept hostage and besieged Syrians of Aleppo and its countryside for years.

Western leaders are not happy that their "moderate" terrorists (who violated the September ceasefire from the very start, and over 300 times, most of whom flat-out rejected the ceasefire) no longer have the open flow of weapons and supplies from Turkey, nor the ease of movement, and that they continue to be defeated in many areas of Aleppo.

Thus, be wary of corporate media's many claims regarding Aleppo and the Syrian army/government. And very related, be wary of orchestrated media praise of the so-called "humanitarians", al-Qaeda in Syria, the "White Helmets". All of the major news outlets you trust, including pseudo-independents like Democracy Now, and including pseudo-leftists like Code Pink, are promoting these terrorist-apologists and propagandists as "rescuers", which couldn't be farther from the truth.

These mythical rescuers, who take trophy photos with dead Syrian soldiers, and many of whom themselves carry weapons and war against Syria, are one of the current means of deceiving well-meaning people into supporting Western intervention in Syria: further arming of terrorists, further accusations against the Syrian army and Russia, and calls for a No Fly Zone--which would mean the destruction of Syria--among other evils.

Please, don't be fooled. Put your cognitive dissonance aside: Syrian lives are at stake.

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26 Sept 2016

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There Is No Escaping Syria’s Partition Under the New American Administration

September 25, 2016 | By: Elijah c. Magnaar | Translated by: Sufyan Jan

The words exchanged by Russian and the US foreign ministers at the Security Council clearly indicate that each superpower country lives in a separate world with completely dissimilar objectives in Syria.

In the US, Obama is astutely drawing up its strategy in Syria to divide the Levant following the path and policy of the George W. Bush administration and its mantra of “a new Middle East order”, but from a different angle. What spoils the implementation of the US policy is the arrival of Russia with all its military apparatus forcing only a delay on the inevitable partition plan of Syria.

From talking to the many contacts I enjoy among the various decision makers in Syria of all parties involved and allies of Damascus, it is clear that Russia accepts – although Damascus won’t declare it – the control over the “useful Syria” (unless unforeseen elements intervene) pushing Russia and Iran to inject innumerable ground forces ready to face any other country, especially the US, only if the aim is stopping the ongoing partition process. The alternative would have been to accept a fait accompli and control the reconquered territory, consolidate it, freezing the military situation for many years to come.

To the details and the field:

The US and Russia agreed on a seven days cease-fire during which humanitarian convoys would be allowed into besieged areas by both the belligerents. It was also agreed that the US vetted rebel groups would detached themselves from classified terrorist groups, i.e. al-Qaeda (Jabhat Fateh al-Sham), Jund al-Aqsa and “the Islamic state” (ISIS). Simultaneously, all parties around the Aleppo Castello road will pull out heavy artilleries and fighters by 1000 to 3500 meters, allowing humanitarian control under the supervision of the Russian forces. And finally, both Russia and the US agreed to form a joint operations room, exchanging intelligence on disavowed terrorist disagreed groups, carrying out coordinated attacks against these. In exchange, the Syrian Air Force will be grounded.

But what happened and why did the agreement failed?

1 – It is almost impossible to secure a seven consecutive day total cease-fire on all fronts without a breach. Al-Qaeda, excluded from the ceasefire deal, has no interest in seeing it working. Its forces, along with US vetted group of Ahrar al-Sham and Beit al-Maqdes attacked the Syrian forces south of Syria, at al Hader, supported by the Israeli Air Force. Twenty-one artillery positions were destroyed by the Israel Air Force hours before the attack along the Golan border.

2. More than 23 groups and organisations, including Jihadist groups, other so-called “moderate rebels” and US vetted and financed groups rejected the ceasefire and announced they would not separate from those designated as terrorists by their sponsors: the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. Therefore, military collaboration between the US and Russia is highly unlikely in Syria any time in the near future.

3 – Washington and its allies attacked for the first time the Syrian Army forces stationed at the strategic al-Sanouf – Mount of Tharda, (facing ISIS) for the first time. The position attacked (7-8 km from the military airport) is the first line of defense protecting the Deir-ezzour airport, an umbilical cord for the military and civilians besieged in the city for a long time. This bombing resulted in: the death of 83 officers and soldiers and dozens of wounded, but above all, the loss of the Tharda II strategic position to ISIS whose forces attacked on the same day and managed to gain control. In fact, ISIS brought down a jet the day after, in a effort to support the Syrian Army ground forces in recovering this same position from ISIS. Now, the Syrian forces can only supply the force defending the city and the civilians only by helicopter and during the night.

Yes, its is true, the US recognised and officially apologised for the so-called “mistake”, said sorry and declared itself ready to “compensate the Syrian government for the losses”. This is an important step of recognition by Washington to the government of Damascus. But the question remains: why on earth did the US and coalition allies decided to offer air support, for the first time in five and a half years of war, to the besieged Syrian Army and the city of Deir-ezzour, and committing such a catastrophic strategic mistake? This question remains unanswered by the US and those members of coalition who supported the US bombing.

Nevertheless, decision-makers have a different view of the event. No-one believes the US “mistake” or story of the event. The loss of Jabal Tharda II was not followed by a correction of the mistake. The US and coalition jets did not return the next day to bomb ISIS. The real message behind the attack – as explained by my sources – is the advance of the Iraqi forces toward Jazirat al-Anbar, Baghdadi and Jazirat Hit, coming closer to their next target in ‘Ana, Rawa, in order to reach al-Qaim on the Iraqi-Syrian borders. If the Iraqi forces reached the border, ISIS would be caught between the two fires of Iraq and the Syrian forces, allowing a possible breach from al-Qaem and Albu Kamal toward Deir-ezzour. That would close any ISIS supply line from Iraq toward Raqqah, via Deir-ezzour and al-Badiyah.

Damascus forces and its allies have no intention of heading toward Raqqah, the ISIS stronghold. Those in power and on high ranking officers on the ground have the same response: “whoever wants to go to Raqqah and attack ISIS is most welcome. It is not our intention to take back Raqqah anytime soon”.

Russian, Syria and its allies strongly believe that the US is not in alliance with ISIS. Nevertheless, the Americans behave with ISIS like a shepherds with their sheep, rolling a stone towards a group off animals so as to push these towards the left or the right and force the entire group to head in the desired direction. Take the example of the first ceasefire established between Russia and the US: when the Syrian Army headed, after Palmyra, toward al-Tabaqa, three divisions of the Army were invested in the attack, closing up on ISIS and at Tabaqa airport, all this during an agreed ceasefire. Suddenly, a new front was initiated by rebels and jihadists (financed and armed by US allies in the Middle East) around Aleppo and in rural Homs, breaking this ceasefire and forcing the Army to suspend its attack. It pull out its forces and headed towards more vital fronts. ISIS was delighted and relieved on that front.

Decision makers believe, rightly or wrongly, that ISIS should overpower the Syrian Army and its allies in Deir-ezzour, and take control of the city to prevent the Iraqis from supporting the Syrian regular forces and their allies. Moreover, if ISIS took control of Deir-ezzour, the US and allies would attack ISIS, with the consent of the world, and would recover Deir-ezzour and Raqqah afterwards, all this under the heading of “combatting Terrorism”. That would permit the partition of northern of Syria.

4. Russia realised that the US was trying to gain time during the second ceasefire, so as to take the glory of being the provider of “humanitarian aids” gaining political kudos for supporting the besieged civilians of Syria. Whereas Russia is looking, in the western eyes, as if it is incapable of managing the balance between the military and the political-humanitarian aspects of an ongoing war.Russia is today aware that the US wants to score points without giving anything in exchange, either on the political arena or on the ground, and is exerting no influence over its allies to split from those the US consider terrorists.

Thus, in the final stage of what was indeed perceived as a comedy and not a ceasefire, the humanitarian convoy was hit in rebel-controlled area close to Aleppo. The US managed to salve public opinion by saying sorry for the killing of 83 soldiers and officers and wounding 100 more and for offering on a golden plate a strategic position to ISIS! Russia showed exasperation and refused to play the game. Secretary John Kerry looked victorious during his speech at the UN council and everybody forgot about the allegedly mistaken, the gift to ISIS, the sudden presence of the US and coalition forces close to Deir-ezzor airport, the non-withdrawal of jihadist and rebels from the Castello Road as had been agreed. The communiqué of the 23 groups committed to distance themselves from Al-Qaeda and the jihadists and the attention was directed towards the “atrocity and inhuman bombing of a humanitarian convoy”.

Damascus allies ask the following question: “What makes Russia give the US concessions without anything in return, gaining time for rebels and jihadists to regroup? and bearing in mind that Al-Qaeda is a sporadic enemy of the US, outside of Syria.

5. According to high-ranking sources, the objective today is to control “useful Syria”. This is Latakia, Tartus, Homs, Hama, Aleppo and Damascus. Decision makers would accept the loss of oil and important agriculture in the north to the US and to the Kurds. There is oil at the coast and in the water opposite Latakia. Turkey is looking after its interests in the north, but most unlikely will face insurgency on the longer term. As long as Turkey respects the deal and does not approach the Syrian Army front, the situation will remain under control. Otherwise, Russia will be forced to respond to any Turkish push outside Syrian Army territory.

According to sources, Russia will not prevent the Syrian Air Force from striking its enemies and won’t be grounded (as Secretary Kerry has suggested would happen) as long as the Syrian opposition and the jihadists are in a row and a common position. It seems that Russia will not accept anymore a free of charge ceasefire and will resume the military operation around Aleppo. The Russian Kuznetsov aircraft carrier will be soon opposite the Syrian coasts. The Kremlin ordered one of its best and most advanced aircraft to spy over Syria and is ready to use its strategic Kalibr missiles in the coming round of violence expected to resume soon. Russia will use Kalibr to surprise the US and avoid informing it (which they should do according to the regulated airspace agreement) of its objective and targets. To conclude, the level of mistrust between the two superpowers has reached its highest level so far.

US Secretary of State Kerry says at the UN Security Council “Al Qaeda is our enemy”. Russia is asking: “What did you do against your enemy except supply it indirectly with weapons, allowing men and finances to reach it, and accepting that your vetted groups to join it in the same trenches?”. Damascus believes that any new US administration, whoever the next president will be, will avoid starting a direct war against Russia in Syria. The war will remain a war between proxies on both sides. Hillary Clinton, if she becomes president, understands that the Kremlin is determined to protect its interests in the Levant; and that the war in Syria concerns Russia directly because it demonstrates success or failure in the Middle East. The US will do its best to see Russia and Iran drown in Syria and will not accept that the US administration has failed to reach its goal. The only possibility is to divide Syria (like Berlin in the second World War) because nobody is allowed to win. The partition would create a northern-eastern part for the US proxies, and an western-Middle-southern part where Damascus and its allies will have to continue dealing with the jihadists and the insurgency and where a lack of stability will prevail.

Russia – who believes this is what the US is planning – is fully aware of the complexity of this war. But is it by the same token acknowledging and accepting the US’s statecraft and policy towards the jihadists in Syria? Only time will tell.

SOURCE | http://stalkerzone.org/no-escaping-syrias-partition-new-american-administration/

Comments to Cathy Newman's post


Andrew Ashdown Cathy Newman..what Vanessa says is true. I have been to Syria five times in the last two years and was in Aleppo last week meeting with faith leaders and with the City's Council of Doctors. Many of the reports from Aleppo are at best grossly misleading and most of the British media's sources are profoundly unreliable; sometimes downright lies, and have one agenda. If you listened to the voices of Syrians on the ground and the millions of Syrian displaced who have mainly fled the brutality of the 'moderate' rebels who have left death and destruction in their wake, you would learn that realities on the ground are not as they are presented. Bouthaina Shaaban is a woman who cares passionately for her people who is fed up with the uncritical acceptance of bigotry and often manufactured narratives. The doctors council in Aleppo whom we met last week confirmed that much of Western reporting is profoundly misleading, whilst the many real hospitals that have been destroyed and the multiple deaths by the random attacks of our 'moderate' friends are rarely if ever reported. No wonder Bouthaina Shaaban felt no compulsion to dignify the rudeness of the questions and the unsubstantiated accusations with an answer..

Vanessa Beeley Cathy Newman have you been to Syria? Have you experienced the bloodshed and crimes against humanity being committed by the UK government in lockstep with the US government as they unleash their fully paid up terrorists upon the Syrian people. You spouted so many lies tonight I am surprised you can still breathe...your information comes from some of the most spurious and unbalanced sources imaginable yet you don't care. You repeat the lies that have been officially discredited without hesitation and you insult, harangue and attack Dr Shaaban who has more integrity, honour and compassion in her little finger than the politicians you serve by your blind repetition of their murderous lies. Have you been to Syria? I have, I have been to Aleppo and seen for my own eyes the extent of your lies, tried to find the miraculous hospitals like Al Quds that one minute you report as destroyed, the next it is back in circulation during the mythical chemical attacks you are promoting in an attempt to provoke the UK govt desired No Fly Zone that would finally reduce Syria to rubble. You take the evidence of the Aleppo Media Centre, a French Foreign Office funded propaganda operation, or the SOHR an EU funded one man band operation who lies professionally. Where are his figures on the US coalition bombings of civilians?? Do you ever even bother to ask. Why don't you talk about the "moderate rebel" chemical attacks on western Aleppo that houses more than 1.5 million people. Why dont you remember that Nusra Front equipped by the UK and US government took over the only chemicals factory, producing chlorine, in Aleppo in 2012. There are so many lies I could call you out on, its ridiculous. I know for a fact, that Syrian people have been writing to your media channel demanding you answer their accusations of lying and deceiving...but you have failed to respond. You dare to call yourself a journalist, you are a lying, bigoted, ignorant and arrogant employee in a very expensive PR agency for perpetual war and chaos. The truth will prevail and those whose voice counts will be heard. Yours is not going to be among them...you are shameless. May the Syrian people forgive you because your lies cause their deaths.
Angelis Dania:
Cathy Newman,

1. The US is in Syria illegally. They have no right to strike anywhere in Syria, whether they notified anyone or not. They were not invited, and they are in violation of international law and Syrian sovereignty.

2. The US notified Russia that they would be operating in the area where ISIS is. The assumption would have been that they were either conducting surveillance or attacking ISIS, and not that they would be attacking an army position, or would be so severely inept as to strike SAA soldiers instead of ISIS. Therefore Russia would have had no reason to object to their operating in the area. Even if the US inexplicably expects to be believed that they mistook a Syrian Army position for an ISIS camp, the fact that they have refused to coordinate intelligence with Russia and Syria on a level that would have prevented such a "mistake", makes them equally as culpable.

3. Dr. Shaaban repeatedly expressed that she has no confidence and no belief in the reports from the demonstrably shady sources you stated, and so effectively she did by extension deny the accusations in those reports, including the use of chlorine gas by the Syrian forces.

4. By definition, remorse can only be expressed by the guilty party. To expect remorse from Dr. Shaaban over "the hundreds of thousands of her countrymen and women who have died, and the millions who have been displaced", would necessarily imply that she or her government were responsible for it. As she and the Syrian government have denied responsibility, an expression of remorse cannot therefore be expected, unless you're a judge pronouncing a guilty verdict, rather than a journalist who doesn't know the subject matter beyond the sketchy one-sided headlines.

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban's voice clearly conveyed a passionate tone regarding the state of her country and the plight of her people, and anger about the disastrous intervention from the west, which has not only prolonged the war and multiplied casualties, but which in fact orchestrated the war from the beginning.

If you had actually engaged in the barest form of journalism and researched independently, you would have become aware that according to leaked and declassified official US cables and emails, Washington had been planning this regime change war in Syria years before it began, citing the use of extremist forces, sectarian division, and methods of deception. They had actually begun illegally supporting Syrian opposition groups and laying the groundwork for government overthrow well before March 2011. You would have uncovered a great many other things as well.

To the alarmingly increasing number of people across the world who have become more aware of the reality on the ground in Syria and elsewhere, you come across as incredibly transparent, as well as sickeningly shameful. I think the comments section here is a good example and proof of that.

If your children have the good fortune to grow up possessing the integrity you lack, they will most assuredly be ashamed of what you're doing.

Janice Kortkamp I am curious as to why so many little blonde western journalists are so intent on putting the free women of Syria under the bondage of sharia law??? Why are you supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia's mercenaries... ISIS, al Qaeda and all the other terrorist groups called "moderate" but that commit the same atrocities? I just spent over two weeks in Syria, travelling around several areas on my own with a Syrian friend. The vast majority of Syrians support Assad and for good reason. Listen lady...if you want to live under "rebel" controlled areas...be my guest...but bring a burka. If you go to government controlled areas...bring your bikini. Ignorant and malicious woman pretending to be a journalist.
Vanessa Beeley Why have you not reported 7 year old Haider, sniped in the stomach by US protected terrorists, Ahrar Al Sham? Why is this child of no interest to you? Because he does not serve your filthy propaganda campaign. Well here you go, try to read some truth for a change...http://21stcenturywire.com/.../syria-no-dusty-boy-omran.../

Eva Bartlett Terrorists took over the only chlorine factory in Syria in 2012. You are a typical presstitute lying about what is happening in Syria and your lies are in turn causing the deaths of more innocent Syrians.https://www.sott.net/.../327811-The-Guardian-view-on...The Guardian view on Aleppo: More Western lies about Syria -- Sott.net

Marlene Oh Cathy Newman, a mercenary of the corporate media, echoing with a megaphone the war propaganda of her paymasters. Not a pinch of decency, peddling the Imperial wars that have devastated so many countries and now is in full force against Syria, causing so much pain and suffering. At the other end of the scale we have Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, a woman of integrity, intelligence; a real patriot who has remained in Syria to support her people.

Vanessa Beeley You have even managed to twist Dr Shaaban's words...you have zero professional integrity left.
Dee Hunt YOU ARE DESPICABLE Cathy Newman!!!
Hang your head in shame you British Barbarian - at best, an ignorant arrogant zero integrity parrot, but more likely an amoral Goebellean whore who in a fair world would be hanged alongside the disgusting degenerate Blair, Cameron, Hague, Hammond et al mass murdering WAR CRIMINALS.

Cathy Newman - do you know the Syrian UN-civil war was planned in Washington and London pre 0911 ... amongst the list of 7 countries to be destroyed in 5yrs?
Wars that British barbarian PARASITES living off blood and corpses of other nations are still engaged in - killing mega-MILLIONS, displacing, drowning, DU poisoning into eternity Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, half of Africa in 'hidden' neo-colonial wars, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine - in every war for the past 2 centuries - find degenerate war addicted British with the other Anglo-Zio-NaziNATO savages ....

If you don't know that 0911 was the precursor to the long planned '7 wars in 5yrs' - do minimum research and let US General Clarke tell you about it in person.
A few more clicks and you can get French ex F.Minister Dumas to confirm the degenerate British were firming up on those war plans long before AngloZio engineered "peaceful massacres" took place in the so called "rebel revolution".

If you have an iota of integrity - go do your research on Ghouta gassing false flag ... totally debunked by e.g.
MIT trajectory studies,
Carla del Ponte of UN ... fired for telling the truth
Seymour Hersh in his 'Cherry Picked Intel' & 'Red Lines Rat Lines' series of leaked intel;
your own Porton Down lab in Wiltshire results showing the sarin did not come from Syrian stock - that your criminal Cameron knew full well but still wanted to go bomb Damascus;
Turkish court records and ministers statements about YOUR BROTHER IN ARMS proxy IS terrorists having the ingredients for cooking up chemical weapons attack ...
MANY more sources ...

But of course ... you have no integrity nor interest in the truth.
You are just a war whore spouting off as much poison gas as your proxy terrorists do.

Vanessa Beeley No response Cathy Newman, just a few self congratulatory tweets. Celebrating your hollow victory over a one of the most eminent and well loved members of the Syrian state. You may like to register that the comments on this thread come from Syrians, journalists who have spent extensive time in Syria. Analysts, researchers and commentators who have followed Syria for decades so please dont further demonstrate your colonialist exceptionalism by trying to dismiss them via snide tweets and ignorant refusal to respond. You are a journalist, you should be horrified that so many are contradicting your narrative and calling you out on your lies. You should at least respond to these accusations. I repeat, you are invited to accompany us to Syria and to meet the people you have insulted and are trying to condemn to further bloodshed and devastation. Would you even listen to them or has your soul been irretrievably sold to the state, the military industrial complex and imperialism?


Daniel Wirt Cathy Newman, obviously you care more about pleasing your employer and career advancement than you do about actual evidence...

Brian Souter every time you attack president Assad u empower/radicalise some sunni to off on jihad to syria...n contribute to syrian deaths

Brian Souter cathy...you interviewed dr shaaban on the massacre BY US of 80 odd syrian soldiers , but quickly turned to attacking dr shaaban, the same syria army and govt, based on allegations long refuted....so have u seen the evidece for US ISIS coordinatiom of the attack o deir ezzor? why not investigate that ... http://en.alalam.ir/news/1862919

Brian Souter 'millions have been displaced.....'' 70% of the displaced live in govt areas....not with the'rebels'....and those in turkey blocked from going south by the jihadis

Janice Kortkamp Boggles the mind...the idiocy of western journalists supporting the terrorist/mercenary proxy forces against the progressive and popular president of Syria. Even after Alex Thompson saw the true nature of the "freedom loving rebels" channel 4 continues to push the false narrative about Syria that is trying to hide the west's illegal and immoral regime change coup.http://blogs.channel4.com/alex.../hostile-territory/1863

Simon Brace Saying that she shows no remorse for all the deaths of her countrymen and women, is pretty low, Cathy. I would say disgraceful, actually. I can tell from here how stressed she is by events, and you didn't exactly help with your leveling of false allegations against her. Assad is responsible for ISIS? It's his fault that they've spread? What nonsense is this?! For the spread of ISIS in Syria lies wholly and solely at the feet of the West - the US and it's regime change allies. This isn't even up for any serious debate. You start off the interview by virtually blaming the Russians for the US massacre. It's pretty obvious that if the US informed Russia (not even sure they did) they wouldn't have told them they were going to be murdering Syrian servicemen.

As she rightly said, all the time the US was bombing ISIS, ISIS did nothing but expand. It was only when the Russians entered the fray that things turned around and ISIS started shrinking.

You direct aggression at her - blaming Syria for virtually everything - all the deaths, the starving, the chlorine attacks. What is this? And wonder why she might say she doesn't care for western reports? Don't you think after all the years of lies about Syria, and yes, all the deaths (and destruction) too that has happened, that she might have had enough of hearing them?

This is a regime change war (only). The people ultimately responsible for all the deaths then, are those who are waging this dirty (proxy) war on Syria. It is they that are arming, funding, supplying terrorists ... and what are they doing? You report nothing of their activities. It is hypocrisy of the highest order to blaming Assad or the Syrian armed forces for all the deaths. The deaths are unavoidable in the circumstances. Any country in the world would be acting the same in their position - defending their country from 100s of thousands of terrorists. How many civilians do other countries kill in their wars? Are the civilian casualties any less? No. They are not. I used to respect Channel 4 - not any more. Your reporting on Syria has been continually a disgrace.

Janice Kortkamp NBC "news" team was kidnapped by "rebels" pretended to be Assad's men. When NBC realized the truth shortly after the crew was released...they refused to report it until the NY Times broke the story years later. https://www.thenation.com/article/how-nbc-knowingly-let-syria-rebels-false-war-propaganda-stand-years/

Daniel Wirt Cathy Newman, remember the "Iraqi weapons of mass destruction" propaganda? You are falling for the same demonization and false propaganda, this time directed against Syria. It is a dirty war on Syria. If you have any intellectual integrity, read Dr. Tim Anderson's book, The Dirty War on Syria.

Eva Bartlett "In April 2013, it was reported that Jabhat al-Nusra (formerly known as al-Qaeda) seized Syria's only chlorine factory:

"Jabhat al-Nusra, which the U.S. government classifies as a terrorist organization, seized control of Syria's only chlorine gas production facility last August (2012), according to factory owner Mohammad Sabbagh. While the facility is no longer in working order, there are approximately 400 containers on site, each containing 1 ton of chlorine gas."

A video filmed at and inside the Sysacco plant shows Western-backed terrorists gleefully claiming their prize."

Tom Duggan Cathay Newman makes me ashamed to be British ,she is a so called journalist who speaks to terrorists does not meet them ,just talks to them ,she should come and see for herself through her own eyes ,the gas attacks she refers too are a terrorist act ,I was there I checked it out ,the starving civilian in eastern Aleppo have refused UN aid ,they want their own supply road opened so they can ship in reinforcements and arms and weapons , disgusting behaviour by channel 4,and total fabrication of lies ,having worked in Syria for 4 and a half year and witnessing so many acts of barbarism that the west has pointed the finger to the Syrian Government ,and I have looked into it and found it to be a pack of lies.
Matija Lukač Cathy, you are a shameful woman. That was not an interview, it was disgusting attacks. And she said that she doesn't care about false reports. So she answered you. And tell to the people who are your sources from Syria? Al Qaeda and people deeply embedded with that terrorist organization. You represent everything what is wrong in today's journalism. You make me sick.
Tom Duggan Cathy Newman never seen you in Aleppo nor in Homs nor on the front line at project 1070 or in Damascus or joba and tadmore or any place in Syria - http://21stcenturywire.com/2016/09/12/aleppo-tom-duggan-reports-from-the-front-lines-no-child-should-have-to-suffer-like-this/

Jo Simister Bouthaina Shaaban, you received us graciously and spoke to us openly and honestly, and I am so sorry you had to endure the ignorance and arrogance of our media. They make me ashamed. We used to have media reporting to be proud of but it has turned into a bear pit. Thank you for holding on with dignity.
Norma Barakat Cathy Newman what a total sham of an interview. Where is your integrity? Are you not a journalist or simply a media vessel regurgitating propaganda. You are as guilty as your leaders by endorsing them and their actions which aim to destroy a sovereign nation.
Simone Rudolphi What a bizarre comment on the interview above Cathy Newman , it shows a total lack of understanding of Syria and the Middle East and in the very least a severe and inexcusable lack of reading wider than the comfortable echo chamber... I wonder if this were British troops attacked if same/similar questions would be asked or seen as acceptable.
Calling All Rebels The American military murdered at least 60 Syrian soldiers and wounded more than 100 who were on the front line fighting ISIS.

The Syrian Army is between 178,000 and 220,000 regular soldiers. Added to that it is believed there are another 80,000 to 100,000 fighting as irregular forces. That’s about 1 in 70 of the population. When you consider the size of the Syrian Army and the fact that they protect Syrians from crucifixion, beheading, thrown of buildings slavery and rape to listen to the BBC and Channel 4 you have to believe that the Syrian army are not supported by their friends, brothers and sisters, fathers, mothers, cousins and relatives who are protecting them from these atrocities. At over half a million, the Army is so large that most Syrian communities have strong family links, including with those 100,000 Syrian soldiers who died in the war.

Yes the Syrian Army do use 'barrel bombs' fighting the terrorists who have beseiged their country, though on a pretty small scale. They are an improvised weapon made by packing conventional explosive into a beer barrel. They are simply an amateur version of a conventional weapon, and they are far less “effective” – meaning devastating – than the professionally made munitions the UK and US are dropping on Syria, or supplying to the Saudis to kill tens of thousands of civilians in Yemen, or to Israel to drop on children in Gaza. The blanket media use of “barrel bomb” as though it represents something uniquely inhumane is a fascinating example of propaganda, especially set beside the repeated ludicrous claims that British bombs do not kill civilians. If the Syrian Army were intentionally kill civilians, then mathematically compared to civilian deaths by USA, UK, Saudi Arabia and Israel, they are absolutely useless at it.

There is absolutely no evidence of the Syrian Army ever using chemical weapons, if Channel 4 have any evidence to the contrary they should present it to the United Nations immediately.

The Syrian army are defending their country and their homes from a heavily subsidized, markedly foreign incursion, including many mercenaries paid by the Gulf monarchies and trained by the US and Britain. The Syrian army is loyal because they know that although great sacrifices will be asked of them, they will be defending, not sacrificing, their families and loved ones. The rest of the world that supposedly cares about Syria can start by making it unnecessary for them to make such sacrifices. The Western governments and their media have been fully complicit in supporting terrorists to destabilise and overthrow the Syrian state. They are up to their necks in blood of the 450,00 who lost their lives in and the fuelling a terrorist covert war on the sovereign state of Syria in total violation of international law.

The people of the world have reached a critical mass of intolerance towards Britain, America's and Frances slaughter and disastrous policies. There wouldn't be a civil war in Syria except for Britain, USA and France; a civil war does not require an invasion of over a quarter of a million foreign fundamentalist headchopping mercenaries, nor the foreign infusion of billions of US dollars, British pounds and French euros spent on arming them.

When will Channel 4 stop using The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as their main source of information about Syria? The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is run out of a two-bedroom terraced home in Coventry, England by one person, Rami Abdulrahman. Rami also runs a clothes shop and hasn't been to Syria for since for 16 years. Here is what an American Peace delegation had to say about what was going on in Syria after visiting couple of weeks ago.

"It is not President Assad against his own people. It is President Assad and the Syrian people, all together, in unity, against outside forces, outside mercenary forces, terror organisations, the names change everyday or every other day, to try to protect their identity, and maybe keep the connection between the country that funded it and that group, kind of a little bit more nebulous, but there are groups, mercenary forces, supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United States, and underneath it, Israel, the state of Israel. And these outside mercenary forces are the ones that are terrorising the Syrian people, and are attempting to divide the Syrian people.”

Judith Tanner I was disgusted by the tone you took with Bouthaina Shaaban. She is an incredibly intelligent and erudite woman who, like President Assad is Syrian and holds her country and the welfare of her countrymen and women to her heart. Who are you to question her integrity? She refused to speak to your claims about chlorine gas attacks and barrel bomb attacks by President Assad because those claims are baseless and false- as you very well know. There is so much publicly available, scrupulously researched and well documented information on the falsehood of such allegations that I am shocked, that someone who calls herself a journalist, seems to be so incredibly unaware of it all. The CIA debunked the 'chemical weapon attack ' by Assad years ago. Your claims that she does not care about the children of her country are also baseless. Considering too that the Syrians had just received the news that the US with its allies, including Australian RAAF, had targeted and killed Syrian soldiers in an area where only the soldiers and ISIS are situated, you demonstrated breathtaking arrogance and contempt. I think Bouthaina Shaaban was right to call you a colonialist. She stated that your accusations were meaningless to Syrians because they are a sovereign nation- a civil and secular society that is fighting for its life against hordes of foreign jihadists- many of them British by the way, against DAESH/ ISIS and against Al Nusra and all the other murderous thugs and gangs which you and much of the Western media persist in calling 'moderate rebels". America has said 'sorry'- for its war crime? Is that the same as when they bombed the Medecin Sans Frontiere hospital and said 'sorry' for that? There has been no civil war in Syria. From the outset it was just another Iraq and Libya in the sights of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar and the US. There is an opposition party but they are not the armed opposition of the West's crazy imaginings for when was any opposition party ever armed and how could an armed opposition be trusted to do the will of the people. Syrian people have fought for their independence for ten thousand years. They love their president and they love their land and way of life. Their society is secular, multi cultural and multi faith. What those who seek regime change are really after is for the Muslim Brotherhood to take over. This will result in death for Christians and for all the minorities who have lived in peace for centuries. As to the 'moderate rebels'- they don't exist. There are armed terrorists in Eastern Aleppo and armed terrorists all over the country who have caused bloodshed and mayhem at ever turn. That is why so many Syrians have fled their country and rushed to Europe. Kindly go to Syria and see for yourself. Eat your false claims and false words - do the decent thing- or stop calling yourself a journalist. Journalists seek the truth. Propaganda merchants regurgitate the narratives of those seeking to impose regime change on a country and a people who don't want it. You do nothing to further humanitarian aims. You might as well go and join ISIS yourself for the damage you do is much the same.

Olga Krush-White That is exactly why myself and my family stopped watching western mainstream media as it brings nothing but packs of lies! Where are the real journalists?! When and why did they sell their integrity?! When and why did the truth become unimportant to them?! How can these journalists report and write all these nonsense about so-called dictators, uprisings, "moderate oppositions" and other lunacy when they have full access to the truth, facts and all reliable sources that clearly show that this is and always has been a well-organised attack on Syria! More importantly, their false reports not only assist terrorists, but prolong the suffering of Syrian people! How can these journalists continue their normal life knowing full well that the pain and cries of Syrian children,men and women are also on their conscious as they hide, corrupt and twist the truth! This is not journalism! This is an appalling, disgusting, shameful behaviour!
Re Shiomi Newman is not a journalist. She is not interested in truth, she parrots official claims and relies on government and other corporate media to inform her view. This is someone who does not understand our leaders lie and the media aid and abet them.
Hunter Goldberg-elliott Cathy you are a disgusting whore of the government with no utter journalistic credibility.. Are you still living in the 80's..Hillary Clinton's emails during her time as SOS that have been released under the FOIA show that the US had planned this war years before it started..This was a planned and paid for uprising..Why don't you interview a journalist of integrity like Eva Bartlett who has just returned from travelling around Syria..Please do tell me when you were last in Syria?..https://youtu.be/bUyJV6YaSWY

Matija Lukač Cathy, you are a shameful woman. That was not an interview, it was disgusting attacks. And she said that she doesn't care about false reports. So she answered you. And tell to the people who are your sources from Syria? Al Qaeda and people deeply embedded with that terrorist organization. You represent everything what is wrong in today's journalism. You make me sick.
Simone Rudolphi What a bizarre comment on the interview above Cathy Newman , it shows a total lack of understanding of Syria and the Middle East and in the very least a severe and inexcusable lack of reading wider than the comfortable echo chamber... I wonder if this were British troops attacked if same/similar questions would be asked or seen as acceptable.

Barbara McKenzie It is you who, Cathy Newman, who shows no remorse for the millions of Syrians who have been killed or displaced, because of a war perpetrated by Western sponsored terrorists. Although these are some of the most brutal people in the world, the West defines them as the legitimate opposition in Syria, with a view to placing them, by force, as the government in Damascus. Of course Syrians are prepared to fight to their last drop of blood to stop this happening. Of course Bashar al Assad and Bouthaina Shaaban are refusing to abandon their people to this fate.
Barbara McKenzie We all know that NATO stood by and rubbed its hands with glee when ISIS went into Palmyra, doing nothing to stop their advance; we all know that NATO did nothing to stop trade in oil, arms and foreign terrorists through Turkey. Of course Bouthaina Shaaban is right, of course the air cover was deliberate. Changing the subject to brainless accusations about it being 'Assad's war' doesn't hide the truth.

Barbara McKenzie Countless allegations against Syria, and Russia, have been disproved: the Ghouta chemical attack, shown to have been carried out by British ally Jaish al Islam, the Assad files, the Zainab al Hoseni scam, the Russian attacks on non-existent hospitals, the Madaya beatup. Meanwhile, while British media weeps its crocodile tears over unhurt Omran, they ignore countless atrocities including cannibalism, the beheading of children, extensive use of chemical weapons on the part of, oh yes, British allies, the 'moderate opposition'. Why on earth should Bouthaina Shaaban expend more energy on accusations which she knows to be bogus, and you know to be bogus, when NATO forces have provided aircover for ISIS, killing scores of Syrian soldiers, many of whom have been fighting ISIS for years, without being able to see their families.
Nicholas Saysell yes shame on channel 4 for reading the script, barrel bombs? are bombs, bullets are bullets, terrorists o sorry moderate rebels using clorine gas>? un inspectors has said so,if mr assad id targeting his people he would not have support of the army, why is that? the army comes from the people wake up woman, people die in war, america calls it collatraal damage, dont forget the terrorists have taken there familys there with them, and as for syrian oppostion they must first be syrian not from 84 diffrent nations, the west caused this war, and its not a civil war neither when the west uses proxy armies, carry on reading your scripts given to you by the elites who are nothing but child sex abusers and rip off merchants who dont careless for no one except profit.
David Bracewell Disgraceful, ignorant interview. You need to step aside for someone with real expertise, broad, non-ideological understanding and the ability to interview and not harangue .--